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3,499,000,000 B.C. to 12,000 B.C. ~ Aftermath of a Solar war:

The new sciences, and the long span of time and existance.

'That which survives' <t.b.a.>.

Later Mars 'Greys' develop a trading relationship with the Lemurians (variants of El's, the giant humans common to pre Great~Flood Earth).

The Mars Greys, native to Mars, descendants of the survivors of the 'Star Wars' of this Solar system, partially rebuilt their civilization after the Solar war.  As they re~establish their civilization, they begin again to peer at neighboring planets.  On Terra they see, after a long decline, Carbon based life forms: the giant humans that populated the Earth before the Great Flood.

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Above:  Earth of 250 million B.C.

The 'new science' of astrology in Sol system version 2.

After the Star Wars of this Solar system, almost all the original, surviving planets were altered, most beyone the original recognition.  The local planetary deities had to reconfigure almost all aspects of the Solar system.  The planetary energetics, the electro grava~magnetics became totally different, compared to what originally was.


52,010 B.C.~The end of the beginning. 

After epochs of trade and other periodic interactions, the Lemurians, Atlanteans and other forms and civilizations of Earth of this period became increasingly concerned about the giant animals of this time becoming more violent, including preying on humans.

As the Martian Greys and others looked on, the Terrans took an increasingly erratic course in dealing with these animals, which included the dinosaurs.  The Atlanteans, having come to a technological prowess that even their eldar brothers and sisters the Lemurians did not have, advanced a plan in sincerity that they believed would help.

The controlled pulses and detonations that the terrans and their scientific associates, the Lizards believed would begin to control the animal populations, instead de~stabilized Lemurian geography.  After a period of much volcanic eruptions and severe earthquakes, the last 'controlled' use of technology to 'control' the animals and dinosaurs instead set up an interior Earth chain reaction that would end up sinking 98% of Lemuria in 3 days time.  Over the next 3 months, the remaining 1+% Lemurian islets would also sink.  After an initial submersion, parts of Lemuria would re~emerge, though for the most part unrecognizable, except for the vibrations of what was.

Looking on, the Martian Greys and others were horrified by the destructiveness itself, (even though unintentional), the loss of the humans (giants), losses of the giant plants and animals, and overall waste.  Some rescue efforts from exo-Earth civilizations were made, but the Earth itself, going through a domino effect of shaking and destruction originating through Lemuria, was in Chaos.  The Martians and others were also suffering from the effects of the descending Yuga, and thus had only limited resources to help Earth in this time period.  And thus both Earth and Mars lose contact, and go through decline.   Earth's decline was of the armageddon type.


12,000 B.C.  The Mars colonies of Earth.   Atlanteans and others of Earth establish colonies on Mars and other planets and moons.

The Atlanteans of this time period were not exactly friendly to those they colonized.  The Atlantean government was composed of those that wished war, to expand their holdings, increase their material holdings and wealth, and exert a large measure of control over others.  They became destructive, leading to yet more war on Mars (see next page).