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'Exo Politics', Spiritual and Technological developement of the Beings and civilizations of Sol system of 4.5 Billion B.C.


Some Grey type Silcon Beings.

The 4 chemical bodies of native intelligence in Sol System in order of appearance, (along with brief development synopsis and technology).

1) First was the Silicon form of Intelligence, in all it's myriad variations. Silicon is relatively stable and can last virtually forever, but can be brittle, vunerable to shearing and shattering (think of Quartz crystals).
2) Sulfer based Intelligence appeared next (t.b.a)
3) Methane~Magnesium appeared next, both of these above forms manifesting in myriad combinations.
4th) Then came carbon, with 8 original planned permutations of Intelligence. Two carbon based templates became widespread in this and in other galaxies, and even other universes. 88 million different forms of Intelligence are said to exist, in this and in other Universes. In the carbon based formats there are 72 polarized levels of awareness to awaken x 10,000 which equals life force in 144,000 nerves to be saved. Of the two main carbon formats, both have potential zipped within to transform into the Diamond form, the Diamond body. Black Diamonds also exist, and both carbon forms have this potential inside as well. Neither the Black Diamond nor the 'regular' Diamond forms are superior to one another, yet both exhibit different attributes. Both humans and reptoids can unzip the diamond/black diamond body potential that is built into the d.n.a. and r.n.a. matrix of each format.

1A) Angelic: Angels {Angles of Light}. Understanding is that they have 'etheric' Silcon bodies, do not normally 'reside" at this level of creation, and 'work' for The Creative~Intelligence that is behind all of existance.
(actual PHYSICAL beings native to this Solar system starts below):~~~~~~~~

1B) Translucent (yet still physical) Silcon based beings (The first physical intelligence/body native to this solar system). Originated on Jupiter. Able to withstand high pressures and densities. Longevity Lifestyles.
[Of the next 2 Silcon types, the first group (C) is native to this Solar system, and the second 'group' (D) is not.
Most people will know these, or at least heard of them, as the 'Greys'!
NOTE* Most Greys on or interacting with EARTH at this time are NOT native to this Solar System! (A few are also not native to this Time, or physical universe.

Developements and Disagreements
The Return of Ignorance~Sliding into the 'Oblivion' of Misapplied Decisions
Thought forms and accompanying Physics 'going wrong'.
The clouds of war gather; Solar system wide!!!
This section is still being recontruction from the debris of cosmic history
more data <t.b.a>