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 Sciences and summnation:  Astrology, the Yuga cycles, and the sciences of Time, Timing, Synchronicity (The 4th and 5th level dimensions).

Astrology now (in the present day Solar system).


The Yuga's.

Our Solar system and it's twin are nourished by magnetic and other 'rays' emanating from the great central source or black (w)hole, in the center of the galaxy. The Yuga Cycles designates the collective terminology to describe past, present and future cycles of human development, both of 'high' knowledge and possible 'low' knowledge. THE YUGA CYCLES and 'mental nutrition'. Equivalent of every 24,000 revolutions of Earth around the sun, this solar system, and it's 'twin', revolve in our galaxy, the Milky Way, (1) elliptical orbit toward, and then away from galactic center. According to saints and sages of various times, including the present, this movement, revolving toward and away from the galactic center has a deep effect on humanities collective development, especially with the intellect. Just as we eat physical food for nourishment of the cells and all life functions, it is said that the intellect of all life in this sThe sages and saints of past, present and future have linked the 4 descriptions (era's) of human development with 4 different metal elements of the 144 atomic table of elements. The 4 descriptions start with the Iron era, which we just came out of. Iron: We have the Iron era, which we just again came out of. It's periodicity is 1,200 Earth revolutions around the sun, with 1,200 cycles in 'descending' phase, and 1,200 cycles 'ascending' phase, for a total of 2,400 contiguous cycles. Depending on interpretation, we came out of the Iron era (what we also have called the dark era's) approximently 1700 a.d. give or take 2-300 cycles. During the Iron, or 'dark' era's, we of this solar system and our twin are at the maximal distal orbit, away from the galactic center. It is said at these times of distal orbit, unless personal effort is made, that there tends to be not much 'accelerated' development. At these times it is up to individuals to choose to further there own evolution. The problem in the Iron era is, we may not that we have choices! Copper/brass: We have just entered this era. Copper has been described as the 'electric arc', where collective understanding of electric and other forces increases. Choices in living, and understanding and development, are again (re) discovered, and collective health, and prosperity increases. Copper is also described as the time period of mastering space (travel). 'UFO technology' is rediscovered here. Copper era's span 2,400 cycles: one ascending 2,400 cycles, and one descending 2,400 cycles. These Copper era's rest upon the Iron's era's that are at the bottom of the eternal (and slowly ascending) 'coil of time' (timing). *See article of the Coil of time elsewhere/elsewhen. Silver: Silver era's span 3,600 cycles, both as 3,600 ascending cycles, and then 3,600 descending cycles. Both sitting atop the Copper era's, on the eternal coil of time. It is said to be the era (along with Gold) of mastering time, and magnetic and other finer principles of creation. Gold: the highest and longest era's, when the orbit of this solar system and it's twin are nearest the galactic center. 4,800 cycles, ascending and descending, make for a contiguous 9,600 cycles of highest mental, technological and (if choosen) spiritual development and understanding. Time and AU's (travel to alternate times and realities/universes/'creations') can be mastered, or at least experienced much more easily here. It is generally understood here, in this era, that time is a construct, as well as space. Generally, collective prosperity is said to increase with the ascending arc's, (and if war or worse on the descending arc's) then collective prosperity can (and obviously has) experienced drastic decreases. Other solar systems do not experience this same 'coil of time' cycles as this system or it's twin. This is one reason we are of such interest to 'space brothers and sisters' (ufonauts). We of this solar system, and it's twin, then face what has been an extreme challange to not only master these cycles of time (timing), but to uncover/unzip our own real potential, as shown by the role models of saints and sages of all time periods. Even before the original 'Star Wars' (Great Solar War) of this system, which blew apart 3 planets and gave us our present in system asteroid belts, Oort clouds, planetoids, plutoids, and the many moons of this system, the severely elliptical orbit of this solar system suggests an original cosmic trauma, one which occured when the this solar system and it's twin were still in cosmic formation stages, perhaps even as far back as when this sun and it's twin were still being formed in whatever cosmic nursery formed this sun, and it's twin. The Yuga cycles do have an association with astrology, as well as magnetic function(s).

Mars 5, the present day Mars.